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The Cleveland Institute of Art Sept. 10 - 13
Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque
Scary new doc on Lyme disease guaranteed to get under your skin

Halloween is still seven weeks away, but UNDER OUR SKIN, a new documentary on Lyme disease, may be the scariest movie of the year. Alarming and angry, it argues that this debilitating, tick-borne ailment is an emerging epidemic larger than AIDS. See it Thursday or Sunday. And see it for only $6 (Cinematheque members $5) by printing this email and presenting it at the box office. It's our Deal of the Week! (Limit of two discount admissions per print-out.)
KNOW YOUR MUSHROOMS (but not in the Biblical sense)

Canadian director Ron Mann (who, in 1986, became the first filmmaker to visit the Cinematheque) has spent his career making entertaining documentaries about the 1960s-1970s counterculture ("Twist," "Comic Book Confidential," "Grass," "Tales of the Rat Fink," et al.). So it was just a matter of time until he got around to a movie about mushrooms. We show Mann's KNOW YOUR MUSHROOMS this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. After you've seen the film, you might like to experience mushrooms in the flesh. And you have two good opportunities. On September 20 Bioneers Cleveland and the Cleveland Museum of Natural History are organizing a trip to the Killbuck Valley Mushroom Farm (details here). And on Monday night, September 14, Whole Foods Market in University Heights (our promotional partner on this film) is hosting an informal hourlong session about their extensive mushroom selection. Click here for details on that event.
Buddhist monk searches for his reincarnated master in UNMISTAKEN CHILD

A lot of people say they believe in reincarnation, but how many of them would actually spend four years of their lives looking for a reincarnated person? That's what a Buddhist monk does in the new documentary UNMISTAKEN CHILD; he scours remote Tibet for a child whom he believes is the reincarnation of his late, longtime master. What qualities is he looking for? How will he know when he's found him/her? For the answer to these and other questions, see the movie this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. But first read this rave review from Salon.com.
All-star cast shines in Jim Jarmusch's latest

Though it's nominally set in Spain, Jim Jarmusch's latest film THE LIMITS OF CONTROL is a dreamy reverie that may take place in a parallel universe (or in the mind of its hit-man protagonist). The all-star cast includes Isaach De Bankole, Tilda Swinton, Gael Garcia Bernal, Bill Murray, John Hurt, and Hiam Abbass. The gorgeous cinematography is by Wong Kar-wai's frequent cameraman Christopher Doyle. Catch it Saturday or Sunday.
Thu., Sept. 10, at 6:30 pm
Sun., Sept. 13, at 8:45 pm

Thu., Sept. 10, at 8:35 pm
Fri., Sept. 11, at 7:30 pm
Sat., Sept. 12, at 5:30 pm

Fri., Sept. 11, at 9:05 pm
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Sun., Sept. 13, at 4:00 pm

Sat., Sept. 12, at 9:10 pm
Sun., Sept. 13, at 6:30 pm
Thu., Sept. 17, at 6:30 pm
Fri., Sept. 18, at 7:30 pm
Sat., Sept. 19, at 5:30 pm

Thu., Sept. 17, at 8:20 pm
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Sat., Sept. 19, at 7:20 pm
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Sun., Sept. 20, at 4:00 pm
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